On The 22nd Years Of GÖKHAN' s Music Career Which First Started In 1994 His New Official Web Channel Has Been Issued ...

In this official web channel, his aim is to issue all his musics, videos and concerts in one address on the internet. This will be his only official web site with high quality.


GÖKHAN KIRDAR Was Started 'With Love' World Tour Concerts...

Due to Gökhan Kırdar's 22nd anniversary, his world tour concerts under the name of 'With Love', prepared in English - Turkish.

The concert which will cover Turkey, being in the first place, Europe, the Balkans, Middle East, Asia and America, such as 'Vagabond Floating Mine', 'Could Not Get Hold Of It', 'Heaven', 'Trip', 'Imagination' and 'Dem-i Oz' also hit songs from the albums.